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Join my inner circle of soulmates, trusted tribespeople and courageous conversationalists. I’m putting up a paywall to create a safe place for myself as I enter my sixties and shake things up by going back to school.

To write and think and emote in ways I haven’t done publicly. With people I trust and who know me well enough to want to join me in exploring the second half of life - starting on my 60th birthday, when I’ll post my first post.

I’ve published and spoken free and publicly for years (you can see it all on HBR, FORBES and TED). I’m designing this space to be different. Much more reflective, and much more personal.

I will write weekly about turning 60, going back to school for a year, an insider’s look at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI), what I learn, how it changes me and my fellow cohort companions, becoming a grandmother (!!), and my thoughts on a couple of decades of trying to gender balance business and how to expand and explore what I do next. Expect honesty, humility, laughter and an inspiring and regular dose of poetry.

I’ll also share a lot of my publications, graphic e-books and new creative projects.

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